The dental insurance private

The dental insurance private mouth or follicles, call your dentist. Then you know that there are no underlying problems and you can prevent further damage to your teeth. Observe the following symptoms and call the dentist if you are bothering: Sensitivity of the filled tooth or molar Cracks in the filling.

A broken or broken filling. Painted teeth or fillings. If you notice that the fillingĀ The dental insurance private is loose or if something leaks you drink something.


Do not eat and drink too much sugar and acid. Sugar and sugars give you faster holes, and if you do not take too much, your mouth stays healthier.

Easy decay can occur under an existing filling. Over time, fillings will break and they will leak. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy and to keep your mouth healthy so that you can avoid voids under existing fillings. If you brush your teeth well after consuming sweet or sour, you can avoid getting more holes.

If you can not brush, for example, because you’re in school, your mouth was watery. Drink enough water. Do not eat too many snacks, and avoid tough food. Eat a healthy and balanced diet of lean protein, fruit, vegetables and legumes, then stay healthy and your teeth.

Healthy foods can also be acidic, such as citrus fruit. Stop eating, but not too much, and brush your teeth when you are done. You can also dilute fruit juice with 50% water. Examples of food and drinks with water or very sour are cold drinks, sweets, cookies and wine. Sports drinks, energy drinks and coffee with sugar are also included.